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The self-help organisation for older people, no longer in full time work where learning is just for pleasure

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Newark & District U3A

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Tom Chamberlain

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 Friday 10:00 to 12:00




We all have opinions - about honesty and truth, government, science and religion, about who we are, mind and body, language and reality, what is worth while, what is beautiful. Sometimes we ask the big questions like the purpose of life. Philosophy is about standing back and asking how we think about these things, what are our reasons for believing what we do, what are the alternatives.

Thinkers down the centuries have tackled these topics, so we look at the work of established philosophers from Socrates to William James and onwards. Our starting point is usually a recorded radio discussion or a DVD from U3A Resource Centre, but what matters is not so much knowing who said what, but what we think ourselves and how it affects our lives.


We meet fortnightly for two hours on Friday mornings  At present (October 2019) we have a dozen regulars, but we might take one or two more. Members need no knowledge of philosophy, but are very welcome if they have.