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The self-help organisation for older people, no longer in full time work where learning is just for pleasure

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We aim to look at Geology in the broader sense and thus at all aspects and areas of Geology together with its links to many other subjects. Sessions usually include a DVD followed by a further activity, often a practical one.

Choice of subject areas is led by the group members and we are in the process of gradually writing our own simple Geological dictionary.

Sessions are aimed at a level to make them accessible to all, whatever their previous knowledge, or lack of it. Sometimes a few follow on from each other in a short series sometimes “one offs”.



We have had field excursions to a variety of places, so far for a building stone walk in Lincoln, to The National Stone Centre in Derbyshire, Cresswell Craggs and The British Geological Survey near Nottingham. This year we are joining the out and about trip to Hunstanton where the cliffs are an excellent Geological resource.

Our current program and contact arrangements can be found here.

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