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Art Appreciation

The Art Appreciation Group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 10am. at the bowls club on London Road. 

We are a mixed group of a few very knowledgeable people and a lot with much less expertise but with a real interest in knowing more. We are very much a self-help group with no formal leader. Instead we have volunteers who share out register keeping,banking and organising the technology. One member appears in the newsletter as the leader but prefers to act as the phone contact only.

Fortunately we have a core of members who give their time generously to research and present topics though we have more and more sessions where everyone may contribute. This results in an amazing range of views all on a given subject and usually with no duplication.

Over the years we have looked at individual artists, schools of painting, sculpture, photography,to name but a few.We don’t expect to run out of subjects any time yet.

The presentations vary.Some people bring in computer printouts;some bring in books with selected illustrations;sometimes there are personal photographs or objects.We also occasionally have a computer slide show.

So the message is - you don’t have to be an expert to join in. Just come along if you’re interested to a friendly, welcoming group where you can choose your own level of participation.Join in discussions and presentations if you wish or simply listen and enjoy.

Group Contact

Michael Ayling

01636 650 607

Day and time

2nd Tuesday of

the month 10:00


The Bowls Club


Typically £2.00 to
cover room hire and refreshments

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