Newark & District U3A

The self-help organisation for older people, no longer in full time work where learning is just for pleasure

Newark & District U3A #History

Newark & District U3A

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Richard Harcus

01636  684511

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Every 4th Tuesday
14:00 to 16:00


Hawtonville Methodist Hall

Digital Photography

Since the time of caveman we have recorded events in many different ways from the earliest wall carvings to today with our Digital Equipment. All have strived to make these images the best that we can.

We can now not only capture things in great detail on this planet but also in the heavens .

We all have the opportunity to capture not only events that are unique to us and those dear to us but also those things from the past that we hold dear to us that generations to come will find have gone completely due to renewal or just neglect.

YOU owe it to yourself to leave such a record for those to come after you.

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