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Tai Chi is a gentle form of controlled, slow moving exercise, suitable for any age or ability.

It can improve mobility, strength, balance, coordination and general well – being.

These Tai Chi classes include some Qigong exercises (pronounced ‘Chee gung’), which focus attention on breathing  

as well as movements, using relaxation and opening of joints to gain improvements.

Each exercise involves a short sequence of movements, through which we can become more aware of our posture and of how we are moving and with practice improve these.

After doing some Qigong exercises we learn and practice a longer sequence of flowing movements called ‘The Tai Chi Form’ (you may have seen people practicing this together in parks].  

All that is needed for Tai Chi is comfortable clothing, which allows easy movement, and flat, comfortable shoes.  


Group leader: Joan Would


Classes normally cost £1 and are held

Where : Fernwood Village Hall


When :   Thursday mornings, 10.0am – 11.0am  

NB: However during this period of self isolation / social distancing, there are some temporary (virtual) classes being held using Zoom.

These are currently on Monday mornings and Thursdays afternoons.

If you are interested in joining any class, or have any questions about them or about Tai Chi, please contact me / 07341 88 55 62

Tai Chi